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Ranking from 16 to 1: BIGG BOSS TAMIL 4: Day 19: Highlights

Today’s episode started with Thala song ’Aluma Doluma’. All the HMs came to dance for this song, … except Shivani. As usual, she stayed inside and danced by herself. Why is she always in a closed mode? I hope she is feeling ok.

Ajeedh’s prediction:

Ajeedh and Suresh were sitting at the dining table. Suresh told Ajeedh that he heard he (Ajeedh) is the best astrologer and can predict who is going out of BBH, and that last time, his prediction was correct. So this week, Suresh asked him who would be out. Ajeedh said Suresh is going out. Suresh welcomed it. I think Ajeedh is wrong. Let’s see.

Selection of HMs for the captainship task:

All HMs gathered in the living room. BB asked them to select the two best performers. Two batches were there in the kings and demons task. So the HMs decided to select one person from each group. Ajeedh named Suresh. But Gabri said though his performance was good, there was some controversy (with Sanam). Others agreed, and so they selected Archana. The other group selected Balaji.

Next, BB asked them to select the person most involved in overall activities including household; the contestants initially selected three – Aari, Sanam and Anitha. Majority voted for Sanam. Next week for captainship task, Balaji, Archana and Sanam will be the candidates.

Selection of the HMs for jail:

Next, BB asked them to name the most boring contestant in tasks. Most of the contestants named Aari and Ajeedh, but surprisingly and not so surprisingly, Rio named Suresh. Rio said his interest rate had come down compared to the previous week! Hahaha! Suresh showed over-enthusiasm, and that’s why got into trouble in the Sanam’s matter. And Suresh’s transformation as Kanchana was ultimate. By naming Suresh as a boring contestant, Rio openly showed his grudge on him.

Suresh named Rio as a boring housemate. Tit for tat! Rio is not an interesting person; he is not so boring, either.

Aari and Ajeedh got maximum votes as boring HMs and were sent to jail. Ramya advised Ajeedh that he should get involved more in the activities. She also added that since he is good at singing, he should sing songs and entertain.

பிக்பாஸ் – நாள் 19

Anitha and Bala were sitting outside the jail, giving company to Aari and Ajeedh. Their main topic was about groupism. What they had bottled up inside came out today. They realised and revealed the open secret that Rio, Archana, Nisha and Velmurugan, formed a group and were trying to project Rio in front. They four were trying to send the strong contestants out first, so that later on, it’s easy for them to reach finals. At last, they opened up and shared their minds. This is the breakthrough point, and the game will change.

Next, BB asked the contestants to order the ranking from 1 to 16 amongst them. As usual, Panchayath Thalavi Archana took the work and was ordering the HMs on how to select the ranking. Only BB knows who gave her the authority to act as the panchayat thalaivi of BBH! Thank God, for viewers luck, Samyuktha opened her mouth and gave a sensible idea of first splitting the 16HMs into two batches, that is 9 to 16 ranking in one batch and 1 to 8 in one batch. And from these two batches, it would be easier to place the order of ranking. Accordingly, the HMs easily divided themselves into two batches on voting.

From 16th to 9thplace:

First HMs decided to rank from 16 to 9. Once again, Archana took the lead. She said the 16th rank should be from the list who are there in the eviction list this week. Everyone agreed. Archana nominated Suresh as 16. She said she had seen the first ten episodes when she was out of BBH, and now, in recent days, his interest rate has come down. My mind voice: Groupisim!!!!

Suresh happily stood in the 16th place.

One thing pertinent to mention here, Archana earlier told that she is not carrying what she has seen for the first ten days, but today nominated Suresh citing he was more active for the first ten days. Moreover, he was the cause for the displeasure they had during kings and demons task. So, nominated him for 16th place. Other nominations – Sanam 15th, Samyuktha 14th, Velmurugan 13th, Somu 12th, Archana 11th, Aari 10th, and Anitha in 9th place.

The diplomatic issue between Balaji and Velmurugan:

Balaji nominated Velmurugan for 15th place, stating he is playing very diplomatically. But, Since the number of votes was less for him, Nisha, Archana and Velmurugan nominated Balaji for 15th place. Velmurugan while giving reasons for nominating Balaji for 15th place, said the same thing, that Balaji is playing diplomatically. Immediately, Balaji asked Velmurugan if he knew the meaning of Diplomatic, knowing he is from the village side. Balaji doing this is not fair. He should not have asked this in front of other HMs and make Velmurugan embarrassed. Very elitist behavior. Idam, porul, avel parthu pesavendum. However, Samyuktha nominated Sanam for 15th place, and she got maximum votes

பிக்பாஸ் – நாள் 19

Balaji belled the cat:

Balaji while nominating Archana for 11th, frankly told her that she is biased. That she is showing favouritism. Nisha and Rio were in complete shock. So far no one directly attacked Archana, though they knew that she is biased and showing favouritism to Rio. Balaji belled the cat. Inimaethan attam soodu pidikum.

From 8th to 1st position:

Ramesh 8th place, Nisha 7th, Ajeedh 6th, Rio 5th, Gabri 4th, Balaji 3rd, Shivani 2nd, and Ramya 1st place.

It’s surprising how the HMs selected Shivani for 2nd place! There is no contribution, no involvement. Just like showpiece, she is living inside the BBH. Maybe, the HMs might have thought that she has huge followers in her Instagram and has fans for her dance. If at all the is in the eviction list, her fans would vote for her.

Ramya also is most of the time in the silent mode. But when comes to the tasks, she performs well.

Archana and Rio were discussing Balaji’s comments about Archana. Rio said you were taking care of him (Balaji) nicely but see how he responded. This is called ’punnai kiri kiri perusakuvadu’, Rio said.

Archana replied yes, his childhood was hard, so I have sympathy for him and took extra care! This is called ’veliyil pora onanai tholil vittukardhu.’But still, Balaji’s observation about Archana is 100% correct. She is biased and shows favour to Rio.

Suresh advised Balaji that though he is straight forward, honest and bold, at times he comes across as rude and arrogant while speaking. The way he asked Velmurugan if he knew the meaning for the word ’Diplomatic’ in front of all HMs was incorrect. Though Balaji argued with Suresh, and was not ready to accept his mistake, later, he asked sorry to Velmurugan. Velmurugan said Sanam told him the meaning, but he forgot. So innocent!! Then, Balaji told him the meaning again.

The general opinion is, if one knows English well, they think high of themselves. English is just one of the 1000s of languages in the world like Tamil. Balaji’s Tamil is very bad. His Tamil debate yesterday sucked. Velmurugan could have easily given him the fittest reply, when Balaji asked the meaning for diplomatic, Velmurugan could have pointed out Balaji’s poor knowledge in Tamil and teased him in front of others.

Happy Birthday to Jithan Ramesh:

It is Jithan Ramesh’s Birth Day! BB sent a cake. jithan cut the cake, and first, he fed to Suresh, being the oldest. Good gesture! His brother Jeeva and his team came on TV and wished him. Jeeva’s Birthday wishes to his brother was touching.

பிக்பாஸ் – நாள் 19

Today is Ajeedh mother’s Birthday too. He sang a special song and wished his mom.

Tomorrow, captaincy task will be there. Let’s see who will be the captain of BBH next week and what task will Balaji, Sanam and Archana be given.

At night, Velmurugan was singing a song, and the BB switched off the lights. Why does not Ajeedh follow Velmurugan’s theory, and entertain the HMs and viewers with his song?

Tomorrow Alwarpet Andavar is coming. This week he has got a lot of contents from Suresh vs Sanam dispute to diplomatic issue between Balaji vs Velmurugan! It’’ll be more interesting to watch how he links up these issues with the current political situation. Along with you all, I am also waiting for his punch and double meaning dialogues with regard to politics!