About us

We help students and young professionals by providing personalized advice and training on how to get the best possible internship and guide them in other job prospects. The program is completely free upfront. Candidates pay zero tuition fees until they land an offer and once they are happy with it they get hired.

Only pay tuition once you’re hired” is the model that the Startup has set for the training as well as for job seeking.

Mission & Vision

Our Vision is to help the corporates grow their business by hiring top class professionals and also help job seekers by gaining employment in a well established organization.

  • Thagadur Career Services was founded by a young upcoming entrepreneur with a mission to change the world with technology by bringing employers and job seekers together.
  • Make employable IT education reach every aspirant.
  • Promoting Entrepreneurship among the college students.
  • Merit-based – Selection of students based on skill and not how much they can pay.

Comprehensive Career Coaching

Whether you’re seeking a new career direction, more work/life balance, or a resume refresh, we can help. We coach and counsel student and professional clients by identifying key strengths and accomplishments while assessing your personality type and career interests.

Our Map to Success

We’ll review your work history, education, strengths, accomplishments, problem areas, skills, values, motivations and goals. We can also offer career assessments. Then we can explore and examine career possibilities based on experience and communication style.